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2017 Submissions

Simplicity Video Game Song

2016 Submissions

Decisive Dance Video Game Song

2015 Submissions

TranZtion Dubstep Song

2014 Submissions

Sinister Dubstep Song
En Trance Trance Song
Judgement Day General Rock Song
No Fear Dubstep Song
Metal Gear Solid 2 Dubstep Song
Near The End Dubstep Song
Our Future Pop Song
Today Is The Day Dubstep Song
The One For You(Tomorrow) Dubstep Song
The One For You Trance Song
Heated Battle (Spiderman) General Rock Song
Apocalypse Ambient Song
Our Past Classical Song
Siphon Ambient Song
Passion (J.A.C.) Trance Song
Broken (J.A.C.) Miscellaneous Song
Morning Rise (JMB W.I.P) Dance Song
Ascension (J.A.C.) Dubstep Song
October 7 B-Day (J.A.C.) Dance Song
Like You (Instrumental) Dubstep Song
Lilly (J.A.C.) R&B Song
Angels (J.A.C.) Trance Song
L!ght (J.A.C.) Dance Song
Anadelia (J.A.C.) R&B Song
Lost (WIP) Dubstep Song

2010 Submissions

Cozmoz Dubstep Song